The best way to reach your target audience: SEO

Meeting consumers needs is the primary goal of any business.

But if a customer doesn’t know that your business offers the best solution, they’ll turn to the competition to meet their needs.

That’s precisely why ranking first on Google should be your main objective in the digital world.

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Why do you need SEO?

In today’s digital world, SEO it’s not a maybe, it’s a must. If you want your business to be visible and attract more customers, you need solid SEO work. Here at «Llegando al Mundo,» we offer you a customized SEO service fully oriented to meet your business needs.

What is SEO and why is Key?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the art of optimizing your website to appear in the top Google search results. But it’s more than that. From our perspective, SEO is the best form of marketing in today’s digital world. Keep scrolling to understand how we approach it.

SEO services benefits for your business

SEO is beneficial because it generates organic and sustainable traffic over time. Moreover, it’s the least intrusive way to reach your target audience, as you reach them when they’re looking for you. What better opportunity to offer your solution to the world than when you’re being called?

LAM, your SEO agency

Our SEO services

We understand markets

We have a keen ability to identify entry opportunities in markets. We'll also be clear and transparent about what we think is the difficulty level of ranking your website on Google's search results.


Analisis & strategy

We conduct a thorough analysis of your website and your competition to develop an SEO strategy that will take you to the top. Our primary focus is on capturing the best keywords to start with, and from there, scaling up the SEO.

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On Page Optimization

We use all the keywords and follow the set strategy to optimize your website's SEO, focusing not just on ranking but also on user retention (increasing time spent on the site) and encouraging them to purchase your service/product.

Pay for results

We have a payment strategy designed to make you feel that spending your money will be worthwhile. We'll charge 25% at the start of the project, another 25% upon completing the optimization, and the remaining 50% when the agreed-upon results are visible.

How we work SEO in LAM - the Blog

To optimally execute SEO, at LAM we employ two approaches.

The initial website optimization, which we perform when designing and creating your website, or when redesigning it (if you already have one). In this phase, we optimize the content, improve the speed, add more dynamism and internal linking, fine-tune all images and their alt attributes, and connect the platform with Search Console.

The creation of a blog: In order to be able to rank for many more keywords, longer-tail keywords, and to continually produce new and relevant content (which is what Google wants to satisfy users), we design a blog for you. We also structure the articles, and in conjunction with your business knowledge and our expertise, we’ll upload two articles a month, which are necessary for making a long-term real impact.


SEO services pricing in LAM

Our differential pricing concept

We like to be transparent with pricing, as we also demonstrate with LAM’s web design. The challenge with SEO is that it’s impossible to give a generic price without evaluating the project.

To provide a quote, we need to analyze the current situation of the business, understand the market they want to position themselves in, and evaluate it. The price will vary depending on the number of work hours required.

For SEO to be effectively managed, it should be a monthly endeavor until the desired keywords and themes are successfully ranked.

SEO is an ongoing effort that needs periodic refinement. To save you from spending vast amounts of money on Google ranking for your business (which can initially be done by yourself for free), we at «LAM» offer the option of working on your company’s SEO while on a joint Google Meet call. This way, we can teach you the key strategies and techniques. Once you feel ready to manage your business’s SEO on your own, you can stop paying a monthly fee and take control of it without any further expenses.

For more information, request your free meeting to better understand the process. We’ll answer all your questions!


Estructura y diseño web completo + branding + content marketing + SEO.

Six Seis

Estructura y diseño web completo + content marketing + traducción + SEO.

The Sky's The Limit

We show you our past projects in detail

We’re a young company, but we’ve already worked with clients to achieve visible and significant results. Below are some of the projects we’ve completed; feel free to explore them and check their rankings. We provide details for each project to give you a clear understanding of our work.

You can schedule your free meeting to address any questions you may have.

Frequently asked questions

In the digital age, your website serves as the first impression customers will have of your business. Consider that when someone hears about your business, their initial move will be to look you up online. A professionally designed website not only elevates your online presence but also mirrors the quality and essence of your brand.

If you have a business with a standout product or service and you’ve decided to create a website, it’s crucial that it’s optimized for SEO to gain visibility. SEO is an excellent form of digital marketing because it’s non-intrusive (it doesn’t invade people’s lives) and allows you to present yourself as the optimal solution to those who are actively searching for what you offer.

Through the free meeting , along with a series of questions we’ll ask about your business, we’ll gather extensive information about it. This will allow us to deeply immerse ourselves in your brand’s identity, ensuring that every design element, from the color palette to the typography, is in complete harmony with your vision and values.

The timeline always depends on the size of the requested website.

A small website, with excellent communication flow between both parties, can be completed and delivered within 1-2 weeks. On the other hand, a large website like Yangsheng’s can take between 3-6 weeks, depending on the effectiveness of the communication.

Virtually all costs are included in the price. This ranges from domain and hosting registration, to design, SEO optimization, and all other discussed factors.

Some extras such as translation into other languages, optimizing local SEO on the Google My Business listing, or website maintenance are charged separately. None of these aspects are essential for having a great website; they are extras that can be requested if the client sees them as necessary for their project.

Hiring web maintenance services isn’t mandatory. HOWEVER, performing web maintenance is extremely important. While you may not notice issues in the first few months, over time, a poorly maintained website will start to experience functional errors.

If you’re willing to invest a few hours in educating yourself, you can handle the web maintenance on your own and save extra money. This includes updating plugins, templates, WordPress itself, conducting reviews and backups, and making minor changes to the website.

If you decide that you don’t want to handle the maintenance yourself, we offer three customer-selectable web maintenance options.

Basic Maintenance = €36 per month. This includes updates, backups, and resolution of any incidents.

Plus Maintenance = €62 per month. This includes everything in the Basic plan, plus three changes or modifications per month.

Premium Maintenance = €118 per month. This includes everything in the Plus plan, plus the creation of one new page per month (not accumulative).

Once your website is completed, upon delivery, you’ll be provided with WordPress administrator credentials, which will allow you to make modifications to your site. There are some simple tasks, like text changes, that you could perform with minimal training. (Instructions on how to do this will be provided when the website is delivered to you).

CAUTION: If you make an incorrect modification, it could disrupt the website’s configuration, and you would need to consult with an expert in WordPress and Elementor to fix it.

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